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Friends you are well aware that freshly brewed beers are a hot favorite in the town. It’s a rage and people just can’t have enough of it.

In past it was very difficult to get enjoy freshly prepared beer or whenever you wished for. Forget the hassle of opening beer bottles and the excess waste they create. With the rise in demand of the fresh brewed beers there is a need of a product which can collect, store and dispense fresh beers. How about

Brewing Beer at home

using your own beer keg? It is the perfect set-up that every beer geek needs for Beer Brewing. Hypro provides superior quality brewer kegs are best suited for residential and commercial use.


We are one of the best

Brewing Beer Equipment

brands on the market. Having your very own home draft system is a dream come true for almost every beer geek. Our Compact Design keg is one of the best ways to have fresh, unpasteurized draught beer. Enjoy Brewing Beer at home with our superior quality Brewing Beer Equipment.


Storage and dispensing of beer is not easy as it may seem. Add to it the challenges in its storage and dispensing which needs special equipment. For a small group of friends wanting to have freshly brewed beers in their homes or private events one has to spend half the time operating the complex equipment and handling the heavy stuff.