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Hypro HyCrC for Craft Breweries


Cheers Beer lovers,

Friends you are well aware that CO2 is evolved during fermentation of the worts that you produce. With growing capacity of  sales beer production from Craft Breweries , the amount of CO2 evolved is also growing. The CO2 is more often than not vented off to the atmosphere. For CO2 demands craft breweries invest into buying CO2 from market. The CO2 sold by the local  sources may come after recovery of CO2 from flue gas generated during burning of  oil/ diesel or it may come from an Bio gas plant or an distillery or an chemical plant. To use this CO2 an craft brewery needs a CO2 cylinder station, distribution network and manpower to handle the CO2. To know if the CO2 is food grade or not complex analytics are needed. Hypro offers to you HyCrC Plants which would make your job simpler and you are sure you get only pure CO2 , the source being fermentation of your own craft beers.

Hypro brings you an Smart & Compact solution in HyCRC Plants as small as producing 6 kg/h of liquid CO2 to 120 kg/h Liquid CO2 based on your requirements. For larger capacities than this Hypro has MEE CO2 recovery plants installed in several breweries to recover the CO2 and are making the large breweries self sufficient.

The Craft Breweries need to connect all of the raw CO2 generated, electrical power , water, glycol , compressed air  to the inlet of plant and HyCrC will deliver pure CO2 > 99.9 % v/v at the outlet of plant and at & 7 Bar g Pressure in vapor form. The brewer can easily manage the operation of this plant which can be either manual Or automatic based on your selection.

For details write to us at Hypro with production capacity of your craft brewery and we will size an appropriate plant for you.

The Advantage of Hypro’s HyCrC  Plants for recovery of CO2 from Craft Breweries

· Compact Design: Design has been done keeping in mind that the area occupied by the plant shall be as minimal as possible.

· User friendly and hassle free operation:   Recovery of CO2 and handling CO2 is complex and needs knowledge of CO2 behaviour based on its temperature, pressure and phases i.e liquid/solid/ vapor. HyCrC plant is designed , engineered for ease of operation.  The plant is well engineered to collect CO2 in vapor form, convert it into liquid so as to increase the storage capacity in minimum possible floor area and evaporate the liquid to vapor form to be used back in the brewery and that too by recovering energy. An operator is provided with an panel which serves as an interface between the plant and the human being . The operation panel is simplified for use by the brewer or assistants and eliminates need of an dedicated operator.

· You get Our CO2 recovered from Known Source of Generation  :  One needs a lot of analytics to know the purity and food grade quality of CO2 sourced from local markets. When you recover CO2 from your own craft Brewery you are sure of the sourced and the Hypro HyCrC plants produce CO2 with purity in excess of 99.9 % v/v and of course Food Grade.

· Tested by us, recommended for everyone: We have tested the product ourselves over a period of time and only once that we were satisfied with the results we are making it available for others. We are passionate people and each and every aspect of our product reveals that.

· Innovative product : Hypro as always provided products of highest standard whatever it may be and the HyCrC Plants are no different. Its surely a product which you will be proud to own it , you wont only reduce the hassles of CO2 handling IMPORTANTLY you will contribute to an greener earth by not venting off the CO2 generated during fermentation.