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Hypro HyMi Brewing Systems


Cheers Beer lovers,

With growing awareness of crafted beers and with an desire to produce variety of beers/ unique beers, craft breweries are looking for innovative methods for producing special beers.

Hypro brings you an Smart solution in HyMi Brewing System which can produce 50 Litres of Brewing Wort in one batch. You have an possibility to experiment with variety of mashing cycles, infusion, decoction, single infusion, double decoction & triple decoction. You can experiment Lautering cycles to arrive at most optimum parameters for faster wort collection and increasing the conversion efficiency in brew house at the same time. For wort boiling once can experiment with internal wort boilers, external wort boilers, pressure wort boiling, DMS Strip off columns, kettle wort boiling with jackets and so on. Numerous possibilities with“One HyMi” Hypro Brewing System. This plant can be used by universities for research oriented brewing operations, for training academy in a Brewing School, Small restaurants to produce fresh crafted special beers for their customers, Craft breweries for experimentingvarietyof productionprocessesandtocommercialisethebatchrecipes. The Craft Breweries need to source malt and other grains for brewing, hops and yeast. Once the system is connected with electrical power and water, HyMi system is ready for experimentation and also production at smaller scale.

Compact Design: Design has been done keeping in mind that the area occupied by the plant shall be as minimal as possible.

Steam Based Heating: Hypro always produced craft brewery plants which are heated using steam, as it uniformly heats the process contents and that too indirectly. Electrical direct heating systems are No- No with our plants, simple because one cannot imagine enjoying tea brewed by immersion electrical coil heating.

User Friendly Panel with Data Sensors/Loggers: While you experiment you want to set parameters for different brewing process operations. Once set you would want to analyse there parameters to firm up recipes. Hypro HyMi Plants comes with sensors and data logging which helps the brewer to know at what parameters was the batch brewed at and helps the brewer to firm up the recipes. The panel which serves as interface between HyMi and the Brewer is simple to use and based on Brew iT! software developed by Hypro for brewing ease.

Innovative product, tested by us, recommended for you: Hypro as always provided products of highest standard whatever it may be and the HyMi Plants are no different. Its surely a product which you will be proud to own it as you now have recipe experimentation at your finger tips.