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Now Craft Brew with your own recipe and produce fine beers with “Hypro” Brew PUBs. Technology & Process Plant “Made In India” for Craft Brewing has been now made available by “Hypro”. Customers now don't have to worry about service back up after sourcing a process plant from remote unknown suppliers. “Hypro” offers complete solution for Craft Brewing with its process plants designed and built to latest technology. Customers can now rely on systems provided by “Hypro” which has already set a trend from the moment we launched Our product 3 years back.

Hypro Brew PUB systems come with SCADA based system operated on software “Brew iT!” specially designed by Hypro for the Brew PUBs. The system controls process parameters during brewing which are a key to fine beer production. Not only does “Brew iT!” controls the process but it also ensures consistency in brew batch after batch. Process operations are simplified with a touch of command and the transfers start operating the way you want them to. Our systems reduce operator dependability and results in ease of operation.

Hypro can custom made

Pub Brewery System

for you starting from as small as 50 Litres and above.

Hypro launched its Micro Brewery division in 2013 and in a span Of mere 3 years Hypro has emerged as the leading and most preferred Supplier of Microbrewery in India having installed around eight plants in metro cities like Bangalore and Mumbai.

Hypro is also probably the only

Micro Brewery supplier in India

who have supplied the system not only in India but abroad too. One of the most coveted projects for us is the 20 HL Microbrewery Project that we have supplied to the NAMGAY HERITAGE HOTEL, BHUTAN. The system apart from the Unitanks and brew house also includes Apple Cider Plants, complete packaging, kegging and canning and PLC based control for process and transfers. This is also perhaps the first Micro Brewery in the world to have a CO2 Recovery Plant (8 kg/hr) which is also manufactured and supplied by Hypro.

Customers both Indian and international alike have been delighted to have “Hypro” systems which produce premium beers and are more than happy with the installations as they no longer have to depend on services and deliverables from overseas. The plants manufactured by Hypro are step ahead in Technology, Craftsmanship and Superior Finish. The features offered can only be compared to the best in world.